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  1. 'Crimson King' Almond Milk Holiday Cheese, The Uncreamery, San Francisco, CA (8oz) - DECANTsf
  2. 'Tea Rose' Flower-Rolled Chevre, Capirole, Indiana (6oz) - DECANTsf
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  3. 'Foggy Morning' Fromage Blanc, Nicasio Valley Cheese Co. , Nicasio, CA (6oz) - DECANTsf
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  4. Ten Thousand Villages - Charcuterie & Cheese Board * - DECANTsf
  5. Ten Thousand Villages - Palm Wood Serving Dish * - DECANTsf
  6. Stepladder Creamery "Ragged Point", Bloomy Triple Cream, Cambria, CA (3.5oz) - DECANTsf
  7. "Harbison Mini", Spruce-wrapped Cow's Milk, The Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm, Greensboro, VT (5oz) - DECANTsf
  8. Bellwether Farms Crème Fraîche, California (5oz) - DECANTsf
  9. "Midnight Moon" Goat Milk Gouda, Cypress Grove, Holland (3.75oz) - DECANTsf
  10. "Pierce Point" Organic Triple Creme with Herbs & Flowers, Cowgirl Creamery, Petaluma, CA (8oz) - DECANTsf
  11. "Seascape" Cow and Goat Milk Blend, Central Coast Creamery, Paso Robles, CA (6oz) - DECANTsf
    Sold Out
  12. Capriole "Wabash Cannonball" Goat Milk, Greenville, IN (5oz) - DECANTsf
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  13. Pt. Reyes Farmstead 'Original Blue', Cow's Milk, Pt. Reyes, CA (6 oz, Unpasteurized) - DECANTsf
  14. "Bandage Wrapped Cheddar" Raw Cow's Milk, Fiscalini Farmstead, Modesto, CA (5oz)
  15. Cowgirl Creamery 'Red Hawk' Cider-Washed Triple Cream, Pt. Ryes, CA (8oz) - DECANTsf
  16. Central Coast Creamery 'Ewereka' Sheep Milk, Paso Robles, CA (8oz) - DECANTsf
  17. Beehive Cheese "Barely Buzzed" Cheddar rubbed with Espresso and Lavender, Utah (4oz) - DECANTsf