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Blanxart 'Chocolate con Leche', Barcelona, Spain (7oz)

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Blanxart Milk Chocolate 'Leche' Bar, Barcelona, Spain (7oz)

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Since the Age of Discovery, the city of Barcelona has had a close relationship with cacao. In 1954, Blanxart set out to honor this long-standing connection by hand-making small batches of chocolate in a tiny rented space in the Les Corts neighborhood of Barcelona. They’ve enjoyed success, but despite their growth, Blanxart’s core principles haven’t changed - everything from the roasting to the packaging, inspired by the Barcelona History Museum, remains the same. Blanxart’s logo and branding faithfully reflect its philosophy, rooted in tradition and cultural heritage.

Milk chocolate tablet, made with 33% cocoa. This delicious chocolate follows the recipe of the first master chocolatier Blanxart, presented in the traditional 200g mold.

Gluten free chocolate.

Blanxart creates chocolates following the Bean to bar process, Blanxart controls the entire process: from the selection of cocoa in small plantations, the artisanal slow-roasted in their facilities, to the packaging of the chocolate bar.

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