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Giampero Bea, “Grezzo” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Giampero Bea, “Grezzo” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Giampiero Bea - Although Paolo Bea and his family have achieved remarkable renown for their intriguing wines from Montefalco, they also produce an olive oil that is decadently delicious. This oil, an extra virgin referred to as “Grezzo” (translated as “raw” or “untouched” or “pure”), is as sensual an olive oil as we have ever experienced.

There is a plush texture, a vibrant green-gold color and profound flavor that makes this oil a multiple threat in the kitchen. Produced from Maraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio olives, this organically harvested Umbrian oil reflects the expertise and skill of the Bea family in combining these varieties to create a full-bodied, delectable olive oil. Rich green in hue with an earthy, distinctly plush texture and robust flavor, it is our choice selection for dressing salads, finishing steaks and preparing vegetables as well as for poaching or frying eggs.

2020 Harvest


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