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Sandar & Hem 2020 'Bates Ranch' Rosé of Grenache, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

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Sandar & Hem 2020 'Bates Ranch' Rosé of Grenache, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

Winemaker: Robert Bergstrom

Farming: Organic

Variety: Grenache

Terroir: Santa Cruz Mountains, Corralitos, Bates Ranch vineyard. Steep slopes and shallow gravel soils, elevations over 1000 feet.

Vinification: Stainless steel, direct press rosé

Aging: stainless steel

Tasting Note: Alpine strawberry, peach blossom, and garrigue define the nose of this pale-salmon rosé. The nose is exuberant with the characteristic fireworks of Grenache, accented by dried herbs and wet stones. On the palate the wine is dry, balancing crisp, mouthwatering structure with luxurious weight and texture.

From our July 2021 Bottle Club Notes:

In August of 2020 we introduced the club to Sandar & Hem for the first time, with their entry into the Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir game. Now we bring you their just-released Rosé of Grenache.  We love working with new producers. Sandar & Hem is a very small production, boutique project made in the glorious Santa Cruz Mountains. The Santa Cruz Mountains are known for their rugged terroir, vast microclimates, varied geological formations, and for creating very unique Californian wines! You might know some famous Santa Cruz Mountain wines such as Ridge Montebello Estate, Kathryn Kennedy, and Mount Eden- but there are smaller labels (such as Sandar & Hem) from enterprising winemakers who have been able to talk legendary farmers into selling them some fruit or land. As recently as April 2020, Ray Isle of Food & Wine Magazine called Santa Cruz Mountains "California's best-kept wine secret".  Taste this and tell me that ain’t the truth.

    This gorgeous rosé comes from Grenache grapes planted in the Bates Ranch vineyard, soaring to elevations over 1000 feet, where steep slopes and shallow gravel soils grow Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, and some other grapes that the best new winemakers clamor to get their hands on.  Winemakers Robert Bergstrom and Taylor Smith handle their fruit very gently. This is a direct-press rosé, meaning the Grenache grapes are picked intentionally to make a rosé (the other style of rosé making is known as saignée, or the bleed-off method, where rosé is made as a byproduct of red winemaking). We have a gorgeous aroma of bright maraschino cherries, some tropical fruits, mint, savory herbs, and river rocks. The palate is crisp and clean, with absolutely mouthwatering acid. Pair with summer salads, sashimi, and Mediterranean fare!

—Cara Patricia

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