Peter Jakob Kuhn 2013 Riesling Sekt, Rheingau, Germany

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Peter Jakob Kühn 2013 Riesling Sekt, Rheingau, Germany

Riesling is an obsession for DECANTsf. And for roughly 230 years, the family estate of Peter Jakob Kühn has been obsessing over riesling in the Rheingau region of Germany. This is a “sekt”, which is the German term for “sparkling wine”, made in the traditional Champagne method, meaning secondary fermentation happens within this bottle. This creates a dry and mineral-rich palate, with light notes of fresh sliced green apple, tarragon, lily, and petrichor.Since 2004, the estate of Peter Jakob Kühn has been Demeter-certified biodynamic, which means the vineyards are cultivated with the utmost care. Biodiversity in both the flora and fauna around the vines is at top of mind. Nothing artificial or synthetic is used in the vineyard- whatever comes out is composted and goes back in. The vines are planted, trained, pruned, and picked according the cycles of the cosmos. At PJK, the health of the vineyard and the rhythm of nature guides the winemaking- this is pure riesling.