AMASS Botanic Candles 'Mateo' (Bergamot, olive leaf, juniper), 8oz coconut & soy wax - DECANTsf

AMASS Botanic Candles 'Mateo' (Bergamot, olive leaf, juniper), 8oz coconut & soy wax

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Bergamot · Olive Leaf · Juniper - Coconut & Soy Wax with 100% Cotton Wick

Named after the Downtown Los Angeles street where AMASS Dry Gin is distilled, the Mateo Candle has the clean, herbaceous quality of a well-crafted cocktail. The fresh blend of bergamot, olive leaf, and lavender lends a floral crispness, with woody notes of juniper, cedar, and milky sandalwood unfolding as the wax burns.

Strike a match to retreat to the warm glow of your neighborhood bar. Windows frost under the hush of conversation, the neon of headlights and street signs cast in a filmy haze. Rich mahogany, the brush of a stranger, worn vinyl seats, the lingering smoke of cigarette clouds; brightened with the twist of a citrus peel and the terpene taste of gin mixed with tonic.


  • Natural Soy Wax Blend
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Signature matte black glass
  • Estimated burn time of 60 hours

Key Ingredients:

  • Natural Soy Wax Blend: Burns slower than paraffin wax for a longer, more even burn.
  • Essential Oils: Bergamot, sandalwood, and lavender lend a clean, comforting scent.

Natural Soy Wax Blend, Bergamot, Olive Leaf, Juniper, Lavender, Cedar, Sandalwood, Thyme, Salt, Ginger Root

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