Anne & Jean-Francois Ganevat 2016 "De Toute Beauté", France - DECANTsf

Anne & Jean-Francois Ganevat 2016 "De Toute Beauté", France


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Anne & Jean-Francois Ganevat "De Toute Beauté VdF Rouge

 changes its composition slightly each vintage.

• 2016 & 2018 vintage: 50% Gamay from Fleurie, Syrah from Côte Rôtie, Mondeuse from Savoie, Pinot Noir d'Alsace

What will you get next year?

What's the difference between wines marked as SAS Anne & Jean-François Ganevat, and wines marked Domaine Ganevat?
 After consecutive vintages of losing large portions of his harvest,  Jean-François was forced to innovate to make more wine. In partnership  with his sister Anne, he went to friends in Alsace, Beaujolais, and  Savoie to source more fruit. Anne and Jean-François even went so far as  to purchase vines in the Beaujolais. Each Vin de France cuvée is a blend  of estate fruit from the Jura and purchased (or estate) fruit from  another region, thus allowing Jean-François to apply his savoir-faire in  winemaking with indigenous grape varieties from the Jura to create a  new and unique line of wines. All of the vineyards contributing to this  project are farmed organically.

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