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Arnaud Lambert 2019 Clos Bonne Nouvelles Saumur Blanc, Loire Valley, France

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(Formally known as Château de Bréze)

While Arnaud’s family hails from the Loire, he is the first in his lineage to produce wine under the family’s name. He farms organically (certified!) on the hill of Brézé, a unique elevated terroir predominantly planted on tuffeau soils, with a mix of clay, over a hard limestone bedrock. He strives to showcase the terroir of each vineyard he farms, which is why he creates so many different bottlings of Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc. 

Brézé is a unique site due to its relatively high elevation and  eminently nuanced geological profile. The significant presence of tuffeau,  (a porous, chalky limestone also used in the construction of much of  the Loire’s Renaissance architecture) results in finely mineral Chenin  Blanc and Cabernet Franc. Clay and sand also lend themselves to the diversity of the terroirs, giving body to the reds and richness to the  whites. 

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