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Birdhorse 2021 Rose, California, USA

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Birdhorse 2021 Rose, California, USA

Winemakers: Corinne Rich & Katie Rouse

VarietiesValdiguié, Barbera, Cinsault

Farming: Sustainable

Terroir:  This rose does not hail from a single vineyard, but is instead a yearly exercise in the art of blending to best express the beauty of a vintage.

Vinification: In 2021, they put a small portion of their Valdiguié grapes direct to press to create the lightest expression of the grapes. The juice was then transferred to stainless steel, where it was fermented to dryness and remained until blending. They also took small amounts of saignée juice from each of our red wine fermentations shortly after the grapes were processed to derive more color and fruit power in the rosé. The final blend for this wine was primarily the direct-to-press Valdiguié rosé with small portions of Barbera and Cinsault saignée.

Tasting notes: This wine is as bright and fresh as they come, with pops of freshly cut strawberry, white tea and mandarin citrus. This finish is dry but rich, leaving behind a wake of fresh florals, hints of watermelon and a spritz of citrus zest. 

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