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Breaking Bread 2021 Rosé, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma Co., CA

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Erik Miller, founder and winemaker of Kokomo Winery, was inspired to join in California's new love for wines that are lighter in alcohol, crunchy in acidity, and bright in appearance.
  • Winemaker: Erik Miller
  • Variety: Zinfandel
  • Farming: Certified Sustainable
  • Vinification: This wine is the debut rosé for Breaking Bread. Having made Grenache Rosé for the last 15 years for Kokomo Winery, Erik Miller wanted to take a different, more hands-off approach with this Zinfandel Rosé. When making unfined and unfiltered white and rosé wines, stability is critical. To make this wine stable it had to go completely through secondary fermentation (malolactic) so as not to referment in the bottle. With Breaking Breads' more traditional rosé, they fine the proteins out with an organic clay as well as cold stabilize the wine for aesthetic purposes. In this wine, you will find sediment and proteins visible, giving it a somewhat hazy and unfiltered look. This is deliberate and something that Erik loves about natural wines. Zinfandel’s abundant natural acidity makes it the perfect varietal for this style of intentional rose. These grapes were picked at 19.5° Brix to result in a 12.3% alcohol.
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