Cardedu 2019 'Nùo' Vermentino di Sardegna, Sardinia, Italy - DECANTsf

Cardedu 2019 'Nùo' Vermentino di Sardegna, Sardinia, Italy

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Cardedu 2019 'Nùo' Vermentino di Sardegna, Sardinia, Italy

Winemaker: Sergio Loi

Farming: Sustainable

Variety: Vermentino, 10 year old vines

Terroir:  Southeastern Sardegna, crumbling granite and schist

Vinification: In stainless steel for six days at 15°C, with 6-8 hours of skin contact. Élevage in room-large cement tanks from 1950’s. Undergoes malolactic, bottled unfiltered. 20 mg/L sulphur added during the harvest and 20 mg/L added
at the end of the vinification. 

Tasting Notes: A savory and light white wine: sea salt, sage, basil, rosemary, cedar, and a foundation of chalky stone fruits. Spaghetti alla Bottarga or alla anything-ocean-mare; grilled shrimp with rosemary sprigs as skewer; a healthy chunk of Pecorino Sardo. With vegetables, it’s becomes the special sauce.

Sergio Loi is a 4th generation traditional Sardinian producer, whose family winery from the early 900s has always practiced no chemical farming and minimum intervention in the cellar. The Cardedu [car-DAY-do] vineyards are located on the island’s sparsely populated Southeast, on crumbling granite soils near the coast, and schist in the ragged-dry hills and cliffs around Jerzu. "Nùo" translates to naked, a reflection of how he aims to present his Vermentino in the bottle. 

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