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Churchills's Reserve Port, Porto, Portugal

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Reserve Port is a house blend of premium wines produced from the same top grade “A” vineyards from which Churchill’s Vintage Ports are sourced. Reserve Port retains the structure and fresh fruit of a young vintage but has been softened by its age in wood and filtration prior to bottling.

Winemaker: Johnny Graham 

Farming: Certified Sustainable (SATIVA institute).

Varities: 20% Touriga Nacional, 20% Touriga Franca, 20% Tinta Roriz, 20% Tinto Cão, 20% Tinta Barroca.

Vinification: Fermented naturally on indigenous yeasts in granite lagares until reaching 98 g/L of residual sugar, at which point it’s fortified with neutral grape spirit to 19.5% alcohol.

Aging: The young ports spend their first Winter in the Douro and are then transported in the early spring to our ageing lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto). Here they mature in seasoned oak vats for a period of 3 years before bottling. During this time they are carefully blended, racked and refreshed each year to ensure that they reach the bottle in perfect condition.

Tasting Notes: This wine has a bright, full ruby colour with violet tones. On the nose, very distinctive with fresh blueberries and hints of eucalyptus and gum cistus; a very vibrant young Port with plenty of natural acidity but also balance and pedigree denoting its grade “A” vineyard origins.

Enjoying: No need to decant. Serve straight from the bottle at a high cellar temperature (50-55ºF). Once opened it will keep well for up to one month.

Pairing: A delicious Port served on its own but also excellent with fruit or chocolate desserts and soft cheeses.


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