Domaine Vernay 2016 "Blonde du Seigneur" Côte-Rôtie, Rhône Valley, France

Domaine Vernay 2016 "Blonde du Seigneur" Côte-Rôtie, Rhône Valley, France

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Domaine Vernay 2016 "Blonde du Seigneur" Côte-Rôtie, Rhône Valley

This historic estate sits in the heart of the Northern Rhone, known most famously for the family's preservation of the Viognier grape, and the proliferation of world-class white wines from the area. Today, the third generation of Vernay leads the estate; Christine has maintained the elegance and complexity of the white wines that have made the family world-famous, but has also brought further acclaim to the Domaine with the production of her Syrah-based red wines. 

Farming: Organic

Winemaker/Chef du Cave: Christine Vernay

Grape Varieties: Syrah & 5% Viognier

Soil Type: limestone and sand

Vinification/Oak Usage:  The Blonde du Seigneur Cuvee comes from a total of 1.65 hectares in the southern part of the appellation. There is 1 ha in Coteaux de Semons planted in 1987 and 0.65 ha in Lancement planted in 1999. It contains  5% to 8% Viognier. The grapes are harvested by hand and after a careful sorting they are 100% destemmed and placed in temperature-controlled vats for 2 to 4  weeks for fermentation. After fermentation, the wine is aged in 225-liter oak barrels (25% new) for 18 months before bottling. 

Tastng Notes: The Blonde du Seigneur is very much in the style of the Cote Blonde  with 5% to 8% Viognier. It shows very floral notes. It has a beautiful dark color with a nose of mineral, smoke, black fruit, black olive, and cracked pepper that is always enhanced with a floral component. The palate is aromatic, with well-constructed but smooth tannins, continuing into a long finish.

Domaine Georges Vernay lies among steep slopes of the northern Rhone Valley. The property has become a major emblem of French winegrowing,  from the time when Georges Vernay saved the Condrieu appellation. Since  1997, Christine Vernay, Francis' granddaughter, has continued the family commitment, anchoring its savoir-faire and imprinting her father  Georges' style on the reds and whites.  Georges Vernay created the  family business with 1.5 hectares of AOC Condrieu "Coteau du Vernon"  vineyards. Towards the end of the '40s, Georges Vernay became one of the most ardent defenders and saviors of the Appellation, then about to disappear.  Today, the vinification is assured by his children Luc and  Christine Vernay and the estate extends over 16 hectares - 7 hectares in the appellation Condrieu, of which 3 hectares are old vines producing 2  prestigious wines matured in barrels: 3 hectares of Côte Rotie, 1.5  hectares of St.-Joseph and 5 hectares of local wine Syrah and Viognier.  Whatever the classification, the wines are always delicious and of the highest quality. The Domaine produces 3,500 cases on average each year  and the wines are raised lutte raisonnée.

In 1940, the appellation was officially created thanks in large part to the help and efforts of Francis Vernay. In later years, his son George would play a key role in restricting the geographical boundaries of Condrieu to include only the best hillside vineyards, even robbing himself of the appellation for some of his vineyards on the plateau above. Domaine Georges Vernay came to be regarded as one of the reference standards in Condrieu for decades with George at the helm. Now, George’s daughter Christine, has brought an even greater level of refinement to the wines and has also brought more focus on the estate’s reds bringing them up to a world-class level.

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