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Domaine Glinavos 2020 'Paleokerisio', Ioannina, Greece (500mL)

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Style: Semi-sparkling, Semi-dry Orange wine.

Farming: Sustainable. Heavily leaning toward Organic.

Name of Winemaker/Chef du Cave: Thomas Glinavos

Lefteris Glinavos was part of the wave of boutique vintners that were instrumental in changing the entire face of Greek wine‐making during the 1970s. At the turn of the 19th century Greek wine was dominated by large scale bulk‐wine companies who purchased fruit from local growers without much care for quality. This state of affairs held steady until the late 60’s and into the 70’s as group of young wine‐makers‐‐whose own background in wine came from simple, village level production‐‐started to travel abroad for their vinicultural education and return to Greece to begin projects that were what we understand today as “boutique wineries:” small scale operations whose whole purpose was to explore the furthest reaches of quality in their respective areas.

Paleokerisio is produced from the indigenous white wine grape variety Debina with the addition of a small percentage of the red variety Vlahiko. It is a special type of wine, which revives the well-known traditional semi-sparkling wine of Ioannina, produced in the past by the locals. The little natural carbonate reveals the richness of flavors and aromas with a sweetness that blends in with all the other elements.

Grape Varieties: 97% Debina and 3% Vlahiko

Soil Type: Limestone

Vinification/Oak Usage: Fermented in Tank – aged in stainless

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