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Domaine Jean Collet 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, St. Bris, Burgundy, France

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The Collet family can trace its grape growing history in Chablis all the way back to 1792. In 1954, Jean Collet began Domaine Collet, finally utilizing the family's crop to produce wines from the various terroirs at their disposal. Jean eventually passed along the torch to his son Gilles, who then passed it on to his son Romain, in 2008. Romain was only 21 when he completely took over winemaking at Domaine Collet, but by then he had already introduced new ideas to the winery, such as biodynamic farming and natural yeast fermentations. 

Winemaker: Romain Collet

Farming: Sustainable, no herbicides, no pesticides, biodynamic practices

Variety:  Sauvignon Blanc

Terroir: Kimmeridgian limestone in the hills of St. Bris, southwest of Chablis.

Vinification:  His vineyard team picks the grapes into small 20-kilo boxes and in the cellar they start their fermentations spontaneously

Aging: aging is done in old French oak barrels, done to add a touch of roundness to soften the wine’s naturally striking acidity

Tasting Notes: Light, supple, great freshness and lovely notes of dried flowers and grapefruit.

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