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E. Dupont Jus de Pomme Petillant (Sparkling N/A Cider), Normandy, France

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Etienne Dupont "Jus de Pomme Petillant" Non-Alcoholic Cider (Sparkling Apple Juice), Normandy, France

  • Jus de Pomme Pétillant (Sparkling Apple Juice) is 100% natural apple juice, without added sugar, preservative or colouring.
  • Made by Domaine Dupont, known for their Calvados and cidre production.
  • Varieties 50% bittersweet apples, 50% acid apples.
  •  Harvesting from September to November
  • Techniques used : The apples are simply mixed, crushed and pressed, slowly and delicately so that the juice retains all the flavour and goodness of the apple. The juice is then clarified, pasteurized and  lightly carbonated. No sugar is added.   
  • Tasting notes: Aromas of fresh and baked apple. Fresh and elegant, very pure and clean. Tasting of cooked apple flesh and tart tatin. 
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