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'Foggy Morning' Fromage Blanc, Nicasio Valley Cheese Co. , Nicasio, CA (6oz)

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"Foggy Morning" Organic Cow's Milk, Nicasio Valley, Nicasio, CA

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Lafranchi Dairy is a third generation, certified organic, family-owned & operated dairy located in Nicasio, CA, in western Marin County. Fredolino Lafranchi immigrated to the US from Maggia, Switzerland in 1919. The Lafranchi family has always kept deep ties to their Swiss roots, and after years of longing for the distinctive cheeses of their ancestral homeland, the family established Nicasio Valley Cheese Company in 2010. 

Swiss Master Cheesemaker, Maurizio Lorenzetti has mentored the family in the art of making the cheeses of Valle Maggia to ensure they are as magical here as they are in Switzerland.

  • Farm / Company: Nicasio Valley Cheese Co. 
  • Cheesemaker: Rick Lafranchi
  • Proprietor: Rick Lafranchi
  • City, State: Nicasio, CA
  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Milk Treatment: Pasteurized
  • Rennet: Traditional
  • Rind: Bloomy
  • Texture: Soft
  • Tasting Notes: A delicate, spreadable cow's milk cheese perfect for topping with fresh fruit, 

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