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Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. Assorted Cheeseboard Jams, Santa Cruz, CA

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Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. Assorted Cheeseboard Jams, Santa Cruz, CA

Great for cheese boards! Women-owned! Local! Made with organic ingredients.  

  • Onion Jam- Pair with: Parmesan Reggiano, Paté, Salami, Aged Cheddar, Firm Cheeses.
    • Ingredients: vinegar, cane sugar, red onion, apple juice, curry, cinnamon
  • Forbidden Fruit- Pair With: Aged cheddar, Chevre & Manchego, to pork tenderloin, bresaola & all smoked meats
    • Ingredients: Seasonal citrus fruits (grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, orange and assorted heirloom hybrids), cane sugar, pectin,  chili, vanilla, sea salt. 
    • Prickly Purple Heart - Pair With: Dry Jack, Chevre and firm goat cheese, sheep's cheese, brie, Fried Chicken & Waffles, Crumpets
      • Ingredients: Otuna Fruit (Cactus Pear), cane sugar, apple juice, lemon, pectin, cardamom, bergamot, vanilla, sea salt
        • From Friends in Cheeses: "We see the Central Coast bursting with these Native American cherubs waiting for us to create another Drought Responsibility Project product. Dry farmed and plentiful these bebes have a bit of tannins that beg (I mean plead) to be paired with the stinkiest of cheeses and driest of wines..come join this Prickly Pear on a journey you will for sure savor." 


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