Domaine Giachino 2018 'Black Giac' Mondeuse, Savoie, France

Domaine Giachino 2018 'Black Giac' Mondeuse, Savoie, France

Domaine Giachino

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Domaine Giachino 2018 'Black Giac' Mondeuse, Savoie, France

Winemaker: Frédéric & David Giachino
Varieties: Mondeuse
Farming: Organic
Terroir: On the clay and limestone foothills of Mount Granier, facing southeast
Vinification: The grapes are picked by hand and then the bunches are placed in the vats. The maceration process lasts for ten to twenty days.
Aging: Mondeuse in barrels (600-liter capacity) on the lees, until bottling.
Tasting Notes: An authentic wine with a strong personality. Ruby colored tinged with purple. Redcurrant and cherry nose, and a lingering flavor with a hint of toasted spice. 
Pairing: Grilled meat and sauce-based dishes, game and cheeses

Bottle Club Notes, December 2020

Domaine Giachino  | ‘Black Giac’ Mondeuse  |  Savoie, France  |  2018

For centuries, the Giachino family has been working the Chartreuse Hills and Grésivaudan plains in the foothills of the French Alps, producing cereals, nuts and fruits, but it wasn’t until 1988 that the attention turned to wine production. There was a little plot of vines (just over 3.5 hectares) on the slopes of Mount Granier that had been maintained by Frédéric and David Giachino’s grandfather, and overtime, the brothers adopted organic and biodynamic methods and increased the acreage of vineyards over this rocky, perilous terrain that had been formed by centuries of rockslides and glacial movements. 

Savoie is located in far eastern France, along the border with Switzerland and influenced by the high elevation of the French Alps and the many lakes in the area, like Lake Lémon (Geneva) and Lake Bourget, without which, the temperatures might be too cold for quality wine production. Savoie is not a very large wine production region in France. In fact, fruit production in general is only the third largest part of agricultural production here, with Cheese being the main attraction (Reblochon, Tomme, and Gruyère come to mind!).The Giachino brothers listen to their soil and listen to the region. The vines planted here are focused on indigenous varieties such as Mondeuse and Gamay for reds, and Jacquere and Altesse for whites.

These organic Mondeuse grapes are picked by hand, and then whole bunches are placed in vats and allowed to macerate for up to 20 days before pressing. The Mondeuse ages in large 600-liter barrels on its lees until bottling, and for a regional wine, can age for an impressive 10 years. Giachino’s Mondeuse has a strong personality: the redcurrant and cherry nose is punctuated with hints of toasted spice, forest fruits, and a light gaminess.

Going to Tahoe this winter? We think the Giachino will make great friends with grilled steaks or pork roasts, venison, and all the cheese and potatoes you can throw at it after a long day hitting the slopes.

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