Giampero Bea, "Capitelli" Durum Wheat Pasta [500g/1.1lb], Umbria, Italy

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Giampero Bea, "Capitelli" Durum Wheat Pasta [500g/1.1lb], Umbria, Italy

Infamous for their winemaking, the brothers Bea descend from a long line of farmers, and have been cultivating their land in Montefalco for generations. Giampiero Bea began growing wheat because he felt it was becoming too difficult to find good quality pasta. “To turn my wheat into pasta, I searched out the best traditions with honest, artisanal producers. It is crucial to produce pasta in the old way, the natural way.”

The wheat Giampiero grows is Bidi Margherito, an ancient strain prized for its highly nutritious profile. It is taken turned into flour just 20km from Montefalco at a 1000-year old old stone mill. From there, it makes the 200km journey to Tuscany, where it is handed to the artisans at Pasta Fabbri, a fifth-generation pasta specialist in Chianti. The pinwheel shape of this pasta is modeled after traditional architectural shapes from ancient Mediterranea. The pasta is extruded through bronze die casts, which allow a rougher texture so the sauces cling to the pasta. They also dry the pasta slowly, over 4-6 days versus the few hours conventional pastas are given to dry; heritage grains have a lower gluten content (Giampiero's pastas come in at about 9% gluten, compared to 90% gluten for an industrial pasta) and would crack if dried in a hot oven like conventional pastas. 

Cook time: 9-10 mins

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