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G's 'Original' Hard Ginger Beer, Napa Valley, CA [16oz Can]

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Fermented with a profile of Meyer Lemon

Original is a year-round ginger beer - superb stand-alone, as well as the perfect clean canvass to build any cocktail creation! With no residual sugar, no added sugar, and no artificial sweetener, it's enchanting, has uplifting aromatics of citrus & blossom, and a quality balanced zingy ginger bite - promise!

Unfiltered and 4.5% alc by vol.

ingredients: filtered water | alcohol fermented from organic cane sugar | fresh-pressed organic ginger juice | organic lemon juice | organic orange juice

serving: per 16 fl oz. | total calories 116 (calories from alc. 116)

nutrition: fat 0g | sugar 0g | protein 0g | carbs 0g

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