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Horse Mackerel in Virgem Sauce, ABC+ by Jose Gourmet, Portugal

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Keep it simple, little fishy. A focus on the olive oil, accentuated by fresh tomato, lemon, and basil really lets these flavorful Carapau take center stage.

Horse Mackerel are widely consumed in Portugal, and come in many sizes. ABC+ sources the smallest at the market, as they tend to be packed with the most flavor and nutrients. The Virgem sauce is a perfect accent to this meaty and flavorful fish. Made with fresh peeled tomatoes, lemon juice, and basil, this is a simple sauce that lets the flavor of the fish shine through.

SERVING: Atop a flavorful rice dish in need of unique protein, next to subtle, soft cheeses on a board with crackers, enjoyed straight out of the tin among friends
MADE IN: Portugal

Innovative, experimental, and extremely small scale, ABC+ is breathing new life into the world of conservas. As tinned fish gain popularity, giant companies are eager to consolidate, push production, and limit creativity in the name of scalability. Adriano is doing the exact opposite. ABC+ builds on tradition by developing new and elevated recipes preserved in a distinctive round can and expressing worldly sauces spanning the entire globe - think Bravas from Spain, Moqueca from Brazil, Aglio e Olio from Italy, Curry from Southeast Asian cuisines, and the list goes on - paired only with the highest quality seafood coming from the Port of Matosinhos only a few blocks from the cannery. 

PERISHABLES DO NOT SHIP Cheese and Caviar are available for pick-up or SF delivery only
  • PERISHABLES DO NOT SHIP Cheese and Caviar are available for pick-up or SF delivery only