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Jose Gourmet 'Smoked Sardines in Olive Oil', Portugal

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Jose Gourmet 'Smoked Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil', Portugal 

These sardines are fished in the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans and bring alone all the quality of fresh fish. After that, a  refined and carefully prepared mixture is added, they go through the  smoking chamber, and premium quality olive oil is added as well. This mouth-watering delicacy will make your taste buds tingle,  accompanied by a glass of delicious Portuguese wine and friendly company  at the table. 

The sardines turned round and round in the can. They wanted  to be different from their neighbours. They fought and fought, and the  discussion caught fire! Well, where there is fire, there is smoke, and  smoke always gets the good-looking ones first.


Zuchini involtini with avocado and smoked Sardines “Petingas” in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 can per 1-2 people

Use 1 small courgette, wash it and cut thin strips lengthwise  (2mm) with a mandolin or with a sharp knife, with care. Season with fine  salt and let them drain for 10 minutes to become malleable.
Peel and cut slightly thicker strips of avocado, sprinkle with lemon juice.
Put a slice of zucchini, on top one slice of avocado and on top a petinga. Wrap and attach with a toothpick. Accompany with toasted bread  or any toast. 

Arjamolho (Algarvian gaspacho) with smoked sardines in extra virgin olive oil 

1 can per 1 person
Honouring the traditional Algarve recipe, peel 3 garlic cloves ground them in a mortar with salt.
Use 300 gr of skinless and seedless tomatoes and cut into small cubes
In a bowl, pour 100 ml of olive oil, as needed of oregano and cold water  (approx. 400 ml) and 20 ml of vinegar. Add the mixture of garlic and  salt with tomatoes. Cut 200 gr of homemade bread into small slices and  add. Stir and serve very cold or with ice cubes with the smoked sardines     

Illustration Tiago Manuel Text Eugénio Roda Recipes Luís Baena 

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