Kitty Keller 'Banyuls Vinegar' Mustard 6oz

Kitty Keller 'Banyuls Vinegar' Mustard 6oz

Kitty Keller

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Kitty Keller Banyuls Vinegar Mustard 6oz

Perfect for charcuterie boards!

Banyuls is a Sherry-like vinegar from Southern France that is  treasured in the world’s finest kitchens. Its bright and fruity notes  pop when combined with coarse mustard, resulting in complex layers of  flavor that elevate a ham and cheese sandwich, pâté or sausage from good  to gourmet. 

Why We Like It
This is one of the few mustards in existence made with this special vinegar, which has been barrel-aged for six years.  Used alone, Vinegar of Banyuls adds fantastic depth of flavor to any  food, but in mustard it really shines. The vinegar’s residual sweetness  makes this condiment a perfect accompaniment for roasted meats,  charcuterie and aged cheeses. 

Ingredients: Vinegar of Banyuls, water, mustard seed, Spanish sea salt, turmeric    

The Power of 10 – Ten Ways to Use This Mustard

  1. Let the mustard be the star of your vinaigrette
  2. Add to a marinade for lamb
  3. Serve with any coarse pâté
  4. Brush on salmon steaks before baking
  5. Make a grilled cheese sandwich with aged cheddar
  6. Pair with sausages
  7. Toss into a warm potato salad
  8. Top an all-beef hot dog
  9. Build a corned beef sandwich
  10. Coat a pork tenderloin before grilling

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