Kunstler 2017 Riesling "Rudesheimer Berg Rottland" Grosses Gewächs, Rheingau, Germany - DECANTsf

Kunstler 2017 Riesling "Rudesheimer Berg Rottland" Grosses Gewächs, Rheingau, Germany

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Küntsler 2017 Riesling "Rudesheimer Berg Rottland" Grosses Gewächs, Rheingau

Gunter Künstler hails from the famous village of Hochheim am Main; in 17th century Britain the term ‘Hock’ was used to describe all Rhinegau wines. At that time, these wines were much more famous than Mosel wines and were more expensive than some of the finest Bordeaux. Hochheim am Main is on the banks of the Main river, which flows west from Frankfurt, meeting the Rhein at Mainz, on the other side of the river from Hochheim. Essentially the vineyards in this village are at the cross of these two rivers, which certainly influences the wines produced here. Weingut Künstler has a history dating back to 1648. 

The family own about 0.7 acres of the Berg Rottland vineyard in this part of Rudesheim, and it is considered the best vineyard in the village, apart from Berg Schlossberg. The sheltered location very close to the River Rhine and deep layers of the predominant loess loam soil interspersed with quartzite, shale and gravel produce wines that boast fruitiness, minerality and a delicate acidity. The wine shows a wonderful delicacy and a fascinating length. The Rüdesheimer Berg shows all its strength and complexity here.

Awarded 97 Points by James Suckling. 

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