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La Giustiniana 'Terre Antiche' Gavi Di Gavi, Lugarara, Piemonte 2020

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Farming: Organic
Grape: 100% Cortese
Terroir: Guyot trained vines with an average age of 15 years, sourced from estate vineyards located in Rovereto di Gavi. Soils are a mixture of calcareous and clay
Vinification: Fruit is gently pressed and fermented in stainless steel tanks. Aging for three months on the lees
Tasting Notes:

From our 2020 Bottle Club Notes!

La Giustiniana is one of the oldest wineries in the area of Gavi in Piemonte, Italy, near the border of Liguria. Established in the year 1625, there is evidence that winemaking here is even older, as La Giustiniana sits at a site of a Benedictine Monastery which first farmed these hills as early as 900 AD. The estate was given to the Giustiniana family, whose forefathers were commanders of the Genoese militias that successfully defended the Fort of Gavi from one of many French sieges during the First Savoine War.

This wine is produced in the vineyard Lugarara, a site of an ancient sea bed with soils of gray marl and sand originating in the Pliocene era. There is a great blend of respect here for the old and the new- while the winery of La Giustiniana is as modern as they come, an ancient 17th-century cellar lies beneath the villa which has been carefully and historically restored. In it, the storage and vinification of these wines still occur. The most modern technologies are therefore combined with tradition, bringing a historical and poetic humanism which is  indissoluble from the tradition of Mediterranean society.The farm is around 250 acres of agricultural biodiversity, with only around 100 acres planted to vines.
The grape is Cortese, a bright, delicious little white grape that is only found at its best here in Gavi, and these vineyards range between 1000 to 1600 feet in elevation. These vineyards are completely sustainable, no herbicides or pesticides are ever allowed. The winery harvests everything by hand, with a soft pressing of the fruit to bring out its floral and citrus aromas, a medium body, and refreshing finish. 
We love this wine with any kind of fresh seafood, especially when doused with lemon and olive oil. Pasta in pesto sauce and fresh veggies also make this wine sing!