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Liquid Farm 2021 Vogelzang Vineyard Rosé of Mourvedre, Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara, CA

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From our March 2020 Bottle Club Notes:


Liquid Farm | Rosé of Mourvedre  | Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara, CA | 2021

    Liquid Farm launched in the Sta. Rita Hills district of Santa Barbara back in 2009. At the time, founders Jeff Nelson and Nikki Pallesen positioned Liquid Farm as a Chardonnay-only initiative with the goal of creating Burgundy-level wines from coastal California and ushered in a movement away from the over-oaked, unctuous and over-the-top California Chardonnay styles that were a result of wineries chasing big press scores. Their first vintage consisted of only four barrels from a single vineyard which displayed two fairly distinct styles of the same grape.

The wine from the first two barrels was named White Hill in recognition of Chablis' limestone-chalky hills, while the wine from the other two was named Golden Slope in honor of Burgundy's Côte d'Or's superb Chardonnays (aka slopes of gold). They’ve been beloved ever since.

    After a few years of working exclusively with Chardonnay, they were introduced to a wonderful plot of Mourvedré that they couldn't pass up. But they were a Chardonnay house!

What are they going to do? Inspiration struck– why not follow the lead of their favorite Provence wine, the age-worthy Bandol rosé? This is the concept for Vogelzang Vineyard Rosé of Mourvedré, now Liquid Farm’s fastest-selling wine. 

    This rosé is what we call direct press, meaning the grapes are pressed specifically to make rosé wine, in contrast to the saignée, or bleed-off, method, where rosé is a by-product of red winemaking. Liquid Farm hand-harvests the own-rooted Mourvedré grapes early in the season, keeping fruit sugars low and acids high, and then allows the wine to spontaneously ferment with native yeasts. Following barrel fermentation in neutral oak, the wine is transferred to tank for a few months to settle before bottling.

    Liquid Farm’s rosé is a perennial favorite of ours. We adore the lightly perfumed nose, the piquant spark of crisp red plum, and watermelon rind. Refreshing, with low alcohol content and plenty of personality, this is the perfect bottle for a picnic with fresh fruit and chevré!
— Cara Patricia


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