Micro Wines 2018 Bannockburn Shiraz, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Micro Wines 2018 Bannockburn Shiraz, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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Micro Wines 2018 Bannockburn Shiraz, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Winemaker: Jon Ross, MS

Farming: Organic

Varieties: Syrah

Terroir: Crumbly, active limestone is all that remains from the millenia spent at  the bottom of the Southern Ocean. The all but dried up Moorabool Rivers  meandering path has spread mudstone, clay, and buckshot gravels  creating a dynamic vineyard basin.

Tasting Notes: Medium bodied and silky across the palate, this spicy Shiraz has aromas of crushed red cherry, hints of licorice, smoked cumin and crunchy minerality. Fresh acidity and a long, herbaceous finish. 


Shiraz, as it is known in Australia, is more widely known to the rest of the world as Syrah. But Shiraz has its own special strut, something that makes it especially Aussie, and distinguishes it from other Syrahs. It often is perfumed with menthol-y herbs and lush purple fruits that bring richness. In the right hands, it can bounce from one nuanced tasting note to the next, leaving a lingering impression for minutes after it's gone. Jon has managed to capture this with his first vintage of Shiraz from Geelong, in the southeastern state of Victoria, Australia’s smallest and coolest growing area on the mainland. Geelong sits just off Port Phillip Bay’s western side, outside of bustling Melbourne. The cool winds that coast north from Antarctica help to preserve bright acidity and crunch in Jon’s Shiraz.

This wine is definitely a HAND MADE WINE if we’ve ever seen one. Being a natural nerd, Jon detailed every movement he made with the grapes in this vintage from the time they came into the winery, until the moment they were bottled. We’ll save some of the tinier details for our virtual tasting with him, but here is the brief rundown: After hand harvesting on March 16th (the southern hemisphere moves 6 months ahead), Jon destemmed 80% of the grapes before throwing them into a sealed steel tank for 7 days. Here, with the 20% whole clusters on top of the destemmed grapes, the CO2 from below helped to force some carbonic maceration on top, lending a bright, crunchy red-fruited profile in the wine. After that first week, the wine was moved into open-top fermenters, where it went 3 weeks on the skins to complete alcoholic fermentation, before going into old, neutral 1,200L casks for 10 months. This provided an element of texture, rather than flavor, and helped the wine to settle into itself before being bottled February 18th, 2019. 

While going through its fermentation, Jon babysat his wine continuously with punch-downs, pump-overs, rack-and-returns, and even pressing down grapes by foot to gently produce free-run juice before returning it to the tank. This is the kind of extreme artisan labor that can be difficult to find in Australia, a land known for its technological innovations in the wine world. But this is exactly what makes this wine unique. The end result here is a perfumed, lifted, but still structured wine. Red pomegranate, baked plums, smoked rhubarb, toasted cumin and charred eucalyptus make this wine explosive and addictive. We’re sad to only have a small amount of it, but we’re glad we can introduce you to this exciting new label!  -Simi G.

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