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Mommenpop California Citrus Aperitifs, CA

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750 mL bottle of Mommenpop Aperitifs. Perfect over ice, combined with sparkling wine or soda water.

  • Mommenpop Blood Orange is made from a base of red wine and captures the flavors of Moro blood oranges and peppery botanicals. Combined with the sparkling wine, it takes on added notes of citrus, hibiscus, and black pepper, making for a refreshing and low-ABV beverage that you can sip all day and night.
    • ORRIS ROOT // A fragrant and floral root used in many gin products
    • VANILLA BEAN // Subtly sweet and fragrant, helps to bring out the natural sweetness of the blood orange
    • CUBEB PEPPER // Lends a sharp aroma with hints of allspice. Brings a subtle heat and a tinge of bitterness
  • Mommenpop Ruby Grapefruit is made from a base of Pinot Noir rosé wine and thousands of pounds of organic, whole California Ruby grapefruits. We add the following few botanicals for complexity and flavor.
    • ORRIS ROOT // A fragrant and floral root used in many gin products.
    • VANILLA BEAN // Pleasantly sweet, it is the perfect balance to natural bitter qualities of the grapefruit
    • GREEN CARDAMOM // Warming and lightly spicy, with a hint of sweetness.
  • Mommenpop Kumquat is made from is made from a base of Chardonnay wine and organic California kumquats. We add the following ingredients for complexity and flavor:
    • HACHIYA & FUYU PERSIMMONS // Extracted into the Chardonnay grape spirit, these impart a honeyed warmth
    • TOASTED FIG LEAVES // Warm and cinnamon-like
    • GREEN WALNUTS // Bright-spiced citrus character
    • GREEN CARDAMOM // Bright, warming, and with a little kick
    • GALANGAL // A root native to Southern Asia, closely related to ginger. Bright, peppery, tart
    • QUASSIA & GENTIAN // Used sparingly, these two bitter herbs are used for added brightness and pep

Spritzing has never been easier: to make your spritz, combine equal parts sparkling wine and aperitif over ice. Garnish with a wedge or twist of citrus. Like sunshine in a glass! We love adding this to vodka or gin tonics, too!

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate upon opening. 17% ABV 

Mommenpop Aperitif will keep for 2 months after opening.