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Moussé Fils MV L'Or D'Eugene Perpetuelle, Blanc de Noirs, Champagne, France

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A grower since 1750, Champagne Moussé sits in the village of Cuisles, in a valley perpendicular to the Vallée de la Marne. This side valley has a unique soil in Champagne: a schist subsoil under clay. While Pinot Meunier often struggles to be taken seriously in Champagne, at Moussé, Pinot Meunier is celebrated. 80% of the vines planted are Meunier, with the balance planted to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

    • Winemaker: Cédric Moussé
    • Farming: Organic
    • Variety: 80% Meunier, 20% Pinot Noir assemblage: 50% 2018, 50% 2003-2017
    • Terroir: villages of Cuisles, Jonquery, Châtillon-sur-Marne
    • Vinification: Hand-harvested and gently pressed, fermentation in stainless steel with native yeast. Natural malolactic fermentation. A perpetual reserve is different than a solera. To make it simple, you can imagine 2 barrels. 1 full and 1 empty. You transfer half of the full one in the empty, so both are at 50%. Then, you add 50% of the new harvest in each one. You’ll bottle one of the tank, and you keep the other one to star again the next year! Cedric uses this method to strike a masterful balance between the freshness of the new vintage with the complexity and depth only “old wines” can bring
    • Aging: sur latte 18+ Months
    • Scores: 94 Points, Wine Advocate
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