Olasagasti 'Tuna Fillets a la Siciliana', Spain

Olasagasti 'Tuna Fillets a la Siciliana', Spain

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Olasagasti 'Tuna Fillets a la Siciliana', Spain


The Olasgasti traditions date back to the end of the 19th century, when Salvatore Orlando first arrived on the shores of Getaria, in Basque Country, from his native Sicily. He was one of the Italian pioneers who introduced the long-standing salting techniques on the Cantabrian coast, where it was as yet unknown. Salvatore tied the knot with a Basque woman, Simona Olasagasti, and their marriage produced six children and various companies. Today their grandson Matteo Orlando carries on the traditions of his grandparents. Their fish is responsibly harvested from the Cantabrian sea, and brought back to their factory, located just a few kilometers from the ports. There, the fish are processed, cooked and canned by hand, following centuries-old techniques to preserve the highest quality. 

Not your average tinned tuna, the tuna a la Siciliana swims in a savory sauce of sun-dried tomatoes, herbs garlic and olives.  Perfect for throwing into an easy pasta or slapping on top of crusty bread. Wash it down with a zesty fresh white like Pecorino or Verdeca from southern Italy. 

Ingredients: Sun-dried tomato paste (67%), tuna (33%), black olives. Ingredients sun-dried tomato paste: sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt, oregano, garlic, fructose, acid (citric acid), acidity regulator (lactic acid).

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