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Patagonia Provisions 'Roasted Garlic Mackerel', Spain

Patagonia Provisions

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Patagonia Provisions Roasted Garlic Mackerel, Spain

Atlantic Mackerel, packed with roasted garlic and silky extra-virgin olive oil. Meaty, savory, and mild, it’s great straight from the can on toast, or added to pastas and salads.

The seasonings are on the bottom, so flip the open can onto a plate to allow them to flow evenly over the fish. 

  Atlantic mackerel is the small fish with the  mild flavor and big, meaty texture of a large fish. But there are many  other reasons to give it a try. Unlike large apex predators like tuna  and swordfish, these mackerel are small, schooling fish that occur in  great abundance, providing a truly sustainable harvest. They're caught   by hook and line, with little to no bycatch, by traditional fishing  families in northern Spain. Since Atlantic mackerel are low on the ocean  food chain, they don't have the high levels of mercury and other toxins  that can concentrate in larger fish. And they are an excellent source  of protein, vitamin B-12, and other essential nutrients, with 500 mg of  Omega 3 fatty acids per serving.   

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