Pfeffingen 2018 Scheurebe, Pfalz, Germany

Pfeffingen 2018 Scheurebe, Pfalz, Germany


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Weingut Pfeffingen 2018 Dry Scheurebe, Pfalz, Germany

  • Winemaker: Jan Eymael & Rainer Gabel
  • Variety: Scheurebe
  • Farming:  Sustainable
  • Terroir: Chalky Limestone Mix
  • Vinification: Stainless steel.

From our March 2021 Bottle Club Notes:

Scheurebe is such a cool grape. There really isn’t much planted in Germany anymore, especially not in regions who can profit much more on Riesling, so to find a producer in Pfalz who proclaims Scheurebe is the favorite wine he makes is astounding! But that’s just why we love Pfeffingen- they are rooted in tradition but always looking towards innovation. 

    (Quick note on pronunciation: Pfeffingen and Pfalz both have a pf consonant, which is pronounced similarly to the English ph. Pfeffingen is pronounced Feff-ing-en. Pfalz is pronounced like “False” with a -tz, or Faltz. Scheurebe is pronounced more like Shoy-rhay-beh with a slightly breathy r.

    What is Scheurebe anyway? Well, named after the grape breeder Georg Scheu, who crossed Riesling and an unknown wild grape in 1916 to produce this delicious grape variety- it gives us the gentle power of Riesling but the acidic and grassy intensity of Sauvignon Blanc

    Founded in 1622 with a history of vine growing even before then, this earth is hallowed ground for aromatic white grapes- these soils are a little different from the blue slate of the Mosel to the east or the hard granite of Alsace to the west-- Pfeffingen has a mix of slate and terra rosa, or red, iron-rich soils that just help white grapes POP! 

    Now, you might be wondering: where the women fit in with this winery?  Well, Jan Eymael  may be the head winemaker, but he is the son of Doris, the real head of the estate. She’s been at the helm since the 90s before she handed off the reins to Jan,  and still, day in and day out, she and a group of women tend to the vineyards

    A Scheurebe is a cool pairing wine with a multitude of cuisines. Try it out with a Greek salad of herbed feta cheese and  tomatoes, an aromatice Hainanese chicken with jasmine rice, ceviche, shrimp louie, Thai corn fritters, hushpuppies, or latkes!

- Cara Patricia


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