Prieler 2016 Blaufrankisch, Ried Goldberg Leithaberg DAC, Austria - DECANTsf

Prieler 2016 Blaufrankisch, Ried Goldberg Leithaberg DAC, Austria

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Prieler 2016 Blaufrankisch, Ried Goldberg Leithaberg DAC, Austria

The Prieler estate, in Schützen on the western side of the Lake Neusiedl, is a historic old farm, once dedicated to many types of agriculture but now specializing in grape growing. Two generations of the Prieler family now run the estate: Engelbert and Irmgard, who in 1972 focused the estate on quality production of several grape varieties, mainly blaufränkisch and Burgundian varieties. Their son, Georg, now heads the estate and continues working to best express the unique terroir of the Leithagebirge.Prieler’s 20 hectares are currently cultivated in vineyards between the Leithagebirge, the last outpost of the eastern Alps that protect the vines from the western winds, and the Lake Neusiedl, which tempers the hot climate of the Pannonian plain. Basking in 2000 hours of sunshine annually, North Burgenland is the sunniest region in all of central Europe, with far below average rain fall. 

Prieler’s focus on blaufränkisch as well as Burgundian varieties such as chardonnay, pinot blanc, and pinot noir, which have a long history of cultivation in this part of Burgenland. The area around Vienna was cultivated by Cistercian and Franciscan monks, who founded monasteries along the Danube and brought these varieties from France and Germany. Silvia Prieler, with a PhD in biochemistry, brings international experience to the cellar including an interim at Domaine Dujac in Burgundy.

Many things are different in Goldberg. The vineyard faces away from the lake and it is not based on limestone, but rather on schist. Refreshing winds circulate though vine rows that were planted in 1972 by Engelbert Prieler, the year he took over the winery. It is held for 26 months maturation in oak barrel.

Tasting Notes: Ripe forest berries, good complexity, subtle blackberry jam, well-integrated tannin, salty minerality and a lemony touch make this Blaufränkisch a silky accompaniment to food.

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