Pyren 2021 "Ra Ra Petillant #1" Pet-Nat, Pyrenees, Victoria, Australia - DECANTsf

Pyren 2021 "Ra Ra Petillant #1" Pet-Nat, Pyrenees, Victoria, Australia

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Pyren 2021 "Ra Ra Petillant #1" Pet-Nat, Pyrenees, Victoria, Australia

Winemaker: Leighton Joy / Brock Alford

Farming: Certified Organic

Varieties: 84% Shiraz / 8% Sauvignon Blanc / 8% Pinot Gris

Terroir: Pyren’s estate vineyard is farmed organically (uncertified); its sedimentary soils rich with quartz formations. Red/brown clay loam feature across the property, with the most elevated vines growing in shallow soils over sandstone and schist formations. Alluvial clay silt is evident at lower elevation, albeit with consistent quartz stone laced throughout. Pyren is planted exclusively in an E/W orientation, providing invaluable shade to both fruit and earth in the warmest part of the day.

Winemaking:  Hand-picked in early March and fermented with native yeast. Allowed to settle prior to racking, ahead of a temperature-controlled wild yeast ferment, all the way to dry. Once settled, the wine is charged with a fresh parcel of Mt Alexander Pinot Gris juice to reignite fermentation prior to bottling. No disgorging required. 

Tasting Notes: A sparkling of complexity and drinkability. With 3 hours of skin maceration, this wine has a bright salmon color. The nose is of pickled watermelon, orange oil, lemon myrtle, and acacia blossoms. On the palate, the effervescence is energetic but soft, with refreshing acidity and juicy fruit weight.


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