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Ramon Pena 'Mussels in Escabeche (Silver Line)', Spain

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Ramón Peña 'Mussels in Escabeche (Silver Line)', Spain

The story of Ramón Peña dates back to 1920. A small canning company in Galicia began with the careful production of fish and seafood preserves, controlling the raw materials and precious artisanal processes from the origin, in order to make the tins authentic luxuries for the palette. Time has only strengthened this philosophy of continuous improvement and an objective that has remained intact, to preserve the best of the sea in the Ramón Peña tins. Today, these values live on in the company’s DNA, which continues to grow, supporting Galicia and its gastronomic culture.

All of Ramón Peña's seafood comes from the Galician estuaries (Rías Gallegas), a complex and vast estuary system that includes neatly 1,000 miles of shoreline. Thousands of independent fisherman find their livelihoods in these waters, and the diverse number of species, including mussels, cockles, octopus, sardines and more help to drive the vast gastronomic traditions of the area. Ramón Peña is considered one of the top conserva houses of Galicia. 

These mussels are cooked in a savory and delicious escabeche sauce, which provides a bit of acidity and flavor to the naturally sweet mussels coming from the Galician waters.  

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