Robert Weil 2019 Riesling "Kiedrich Grafenberg Grosses Gewächs" GG, Rheingau, Germany - DECANTsf

Robert Weil 2019 Riesling "Kiedrich Grafenberg Grosses Gewächs" GG, Rheingau, Germany

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Robert Weil 2019 Riesling "Kiedrich Gräfenberg Grosses Gewächs" GG, Rheingau, Germany

Founded in 1875, Weingut Robert Weil is one of the Rheingau’s most highly regarded wine estates. It is located in Kiedrich, a village first documented in the year 950. Kiedrich Turmberg and Gräfenberg, the estate’s top vineyards, are among the finest sites in the Rheingau. The estate cultivates 90 hectares (222 acres) of vineyards, 100 percent planted with Riesling. Wilhelm Weil, the great-grandson of the estate’s founder, carries on the tradition of uncompromising, quality-oriented vineyard and cellar practices – a tradition that has been the hallmark of the winery for four generations.   
  • Winemaker: Wilhelm Weil
  • Farming: Sustainable
  • Terroir / Soil:  Gräfenberg, meaning 'the hill of the counts', was first recognized in the 12th century for the quality of wines that were being produced. The vineyard is now recognized as Grosse Lage (grand cru) level. Located in the village of Kiedrich, the vines are planted on steep, southwest-facing slopes, under shelter from a side valley. The soils are deep and stony with phyllite, providing desirable drainage and deep-set root growth. GG stands for Grosse Gewächs, or "great growths" and is a designation of superior dry white wines hailing from Grosse Lage vineyards in Germany.
  • Vinification: The grapes are handpicked, fermented and matured in large neutral oak casks, helping to provide of more full-bodied, yet still mineral-driven riesling.
  • Tasting Notes: Aromas of stone fruits, flint, and a touch of baking spice. On the palate, the wine is delightfully full-bodied, gripping minerality, barely ripe apricots, and lingering salinity. 

From our 2021 Q2 Serious Inquiries Only bottle club notes:

Robert Weil  | 'Kiedrich Gräfenberg’ G.G. Riesling  | Rheingau, Germany  | 2019

Legends and benchmarks--that what each Serious Inquiries Only wine aims to deliver. When we talk about German Riesling, there are some areas that are spoiled for choice with name brand producers ( the Mosel comes to the front of mind). But in the Rheingau, located just west of Frankfurt along the Rhine River, there are only a handful of wineries who sit amongst lauded legends, and none more so than Weingut Robert Weil. 

The winery is located in the village of Kiedrich, which was founded in the year 950. The Weil family first purchased vines here in 1867 and slowly grew the estate as the family made the transition from academics to full-time winery operations. With over 200 acres of vines today, the estate focuses 100% on Riesling, as they have since Day 1. Wilhelm Weil, the fourth generation of Weil to run the estate, has pushed the estate to new levels through organic farming practices and creating a tourist-friendly destination for wine enthusiasts. 

Gräfenberg is one of the most prized vineyards in the village of Kiedrich, which is why it has earned the Grosse Gewächs, or "great growths" designation, reserved for superior dry white wines hailing from the greatest vineyards in Germany. Gräfenberg sits on a southwest-facing cliff with nearly a 60% slope! The soils here consist of deep, complex soils, providing rich minerality and taut precision in the wines. The naturally piercing acidity of Riesling from this region is balanced by the complexity of the fruit, which bounces from tart, floral and minerally in its youth to bruised and honeyed after many decades of ageing. 

The magic of GG wines is that they can literally be aged for decades and decades in proper cellar temperatures. Fermented in large wooden casks, this wine brims with power and richness, while still remaining bone dry.  It is not a wine that should be opened young. Lie it down, forget about it, and revisit it with a special meal in 15-20 years. Old Riesling is something that is highly underappreciated in the U.S., but that’s because everyone hasn’t had the chance to drink this!

— Simi Grewal

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