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Sanger MV ‘Voyage 360’ Brut Nature Non-Dosé, Avize, Champagne, France

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This cuvée is an hommage to former students of the Avize Viti Campus. 

Winemaker:  Students, Former Students, and Faculty at the Avize Viti Campus

Farming: Sustainable 

Varieties: Equal parts Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Meunier

Terroir: Chalk (Sourced from 42 villages in Champagne)

Vinification:  Vinified in stainless steel tanks with 70% base year, plus 30% reserve wine from previous vintages

To rebuild the regional heritage after the devastation brought to Champagne by the phylloxera, there seemed to be only one solution: training new generations to winegrowing. On November 3rd 1927, thanks to a donation, the gates of Avize wine school opened for the first time to 13 students for a training in wine-growing and wine-making.

 In 1952, 16 former students got together, and set up the “former students cooperative”. For them, the cooperative and the school should be one single entity. They decided to bring every year to the school some of their still wines and their enthusiasm to make wine with the students in the school. The diversity of the geographical origins of the grapes increased along the years.

Meanwhile, from the end of the 50s, the school has bought or rent vineyards in the neighborhood of the school, to reach its current surface of about 10 Ha.

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