Straightaway 'Apicco Spritz' Wine Cocktail [4pk 250ml/cans]

Straightaway 'Apicco Spritz' Wine Cocktail [4pk 250ml/cans]

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Straightaway 'Apicco Spritz' Wine Cocktail, Oregon [4pk 250ml/cans]

The Apicco Spritz: Sparkling Pinot Gris and Muscat Blend, House Citrus Amaro, and Lemon Extract

Some say the spritz got its color by way of Italian Women, who disguised their public imbibements by staining them red with bitters. Others give credit to the artists who believed these bubbly drinks possessed magical qualities. To us, the spritz is more of a state of being than a precise history. It’s the gateway from work to play, a moment to relax the mind and open the palate for wherever the evening takes you.

Straightaway Cocktails are a new brand based out of Portland, OR founded to make well-made cocktails easy to enjoy anywhere (that's allowed)! Made from natural ingredients (, founders Cy Cain and Casey Richwine choose to can these babies to keep them super fresh. Close attention is paid to every detail in production: lemons and limes are juiced, simple syrup is made from scratch, and bitters are brewed in-house by Straightaway Cocktails. These cocktails are based in wine grapes, so they lower-alcohol than your average cocktail too! All that's required of you is to pour it over ice and enjoy!

Alcohol: 13%

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