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'Tea Rose' Flower-Rolled Chevre, Capirole, Indiana (6oz)

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'Tea Rose' Chevre in Flowers, Capirole, Greenville, IN (6oz)

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A fresh goat’s milk cheese covered with Herbes de Provence, fennel pollen, and aromatic flower petals.

Farm / Company: Capriole

Cheesemaker: Judy Schad     

Proprietor: Judy & Larry Schad     

City, State: Greenville, IN     

Milk Type: Goat     

Milk Treatment: Pasteurized     

Rennet: Traditional     

Rind: Flower Petals, Herbs, Fennel Pollen

Aging: N/A

Texture: Soft        

Size(s): 6 ounces  

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