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Scaia Chardonnay and Garganega, Trevenezie, Veneto 2021

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Scaia Chardonnay and Garganega, Trevenezie, Veneto 2021

The name scaia is a local colloquialism that refers to crumbs of parmesan cheese, which the chalky soil in the area resembles.

Winemaker: Paolo Castagnedi  

Farming: Sustainability is at the  core of the Scaia project – from vineyard to cellar management and only organic products are used in the wine-making process.

VARIETALS: Garganega 55%, Chardonnay 45%

Terroir: Chalky soil, Grapes are sourced from both estate vineyards and from long standing  grape-grower partners throughout the region, particularly vineyards in Colognola ai Colli, Illasi and Mezzane.

Vinification: Stainless steel

Inheritors of their  father's 20 hectare estate in the eastern part of the Valpolicella zone,  the four Castagnedi Brothers (Tiziano, Armando, Paolo & Massimo)  acquired another 30 hectares in 1989. This spurred the birth of Tenuta Sant'Antonio 

in 1995, with the goal of producing premium DOC wines - today, an  agricultural estate known throughout the world. The Scaia project is the  contemporary interpretation of the great tradition of Tenuta  Sant'Antonio - a constant search for freshness, pleasant drinking and  aromatic complexity.The name scaia is a local  colloquialism that refers to crumbs of parmesan cheese, which the chalky  soil in the area resembles. With a focus on quality over quantity and  maintaining a balance between tradition and experimentation, the Scaia  project incorporates regionally significant varietals such as Corvina,  Rondinella and Garganega, as well as international varietals like  Cabernet Sauvignon, into the wines. Producing single varietal wines from  some of the traditional blending grapes of Valpolicella, such as  Corvina and Rondinella, gives interesting expressions of these varietals  that aren’t often tasted on their own. 

"This exceptional value wine may well be the best deal in Italian wine today." - Monica Larner, Wine Advocate