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Terah Wine Co. 2021 Sangiovese 'Nouveau', Clement Hills, Lodi, CA

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Terah Wine Co. 2021 Sangiovese 'Nouveau', Clement Hills, Lodi, CA

Inspired by the aromatic quaffable Nouveau wines of Beaujolais. This Nouveau of Sangiovese is a celebration of the harvest and an opportunity to enjoy a wine from our 2021 vintage. Traditionally it’s bottled young and made by carbonic maceration which produces fresh, aromatic wines. After a 100% carbonic fermentation with native yeast, we bottled the wine unfined, unfiltered, and with very minimal sulfur. It’s natural to have some sediment since the wines are so young and haven’t had time to settle. This process produces a vibrant, juicy wine that’s meant to be enjoyed right away and is great with a slight chill to the wine. Nouveau is traditionally released on the third Thursday of November, making it perfect for the holiday season and often pairs well with a variety of foods.

Winemaker: Terah Bajjalieh
Farming: Organic certified, biodynamic practicing. 
Variety: Sangiovese
Vinification: The grapes were hand-harvested on August 17. The whole clusters were placed in a stainless steel tank and submerged in C02 gas. Any juice that was released during carbonic maceration was drained daily. The grapes remained in the tank for 10 days and then pressed. After native primary fermentation was completed the free run and press lots were combined and the wine continued through malolactic fermentation and short aging in stainless steel. 30 ppm of SO2 at bottling, unfined, unfiltered native yeast fermentation.

Tasting Notes: Fresh strawberry, raspberry, anise contrasted by cherry fruit leather. This wine iight bodied with young chewy tannins. Enjoy lightly chilled! 

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