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Terah Wine Co. 2021 'Agua Fresca' Piquette, CA

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Terah Wine Co. 2021 'Agua Fresca' Piquette, CA

Winemaker: Terah Bajjalieh
Farming: Organic 
VarietySangiovese, Grenache, Muscat
Vinification: Native Yeast. This wine is a blend of three separate Piquette batches taken from Sangiovese, Grenache, and Muscat fermentations. Piquette is a secondary wine made after the primary wines, where the pomace (skins) of the grapes are refermented. Right before bottling a small amount of high-grade locally sourced honey is added to the wine, which causes a secondary fermentation in the bottle creating a sparkling wine spritzer. 

Tasting Notes: Think Strawberry Lemonade with a bit of Spritz!  Enjoy it in the sun when you want something that won't get take you over the edge yet is refreshing and made with simple high-quality ingredients. Organically farmed grapes, water, and honey.

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