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Tessier Winery 2021 'Electric Ladyland' White Blend, California

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 Tribute to Jimi Hendrix.

  • Winemaker: Kristie Tacey

  • Farming: Organic

  • Variety:  60% Albarino from Lodi, 10% Pinot Gris from Anderson Valley, 15 % Chardonnay and 5 % Riesling from Arroyo Seco,  10 % Pinot Noir Rose from the Santa Cruz Mountains

  • Terroir:

    • Lodi soils that enrich it are carried down from high up in the Sierra's. By day, the California sun warms it; by night, breezes off the Bay sneak through the Carquinez Strait to cool it. And throughout the year, miles of interconnected waterways quench its thirst. Together, geography and climate provide Lodi the unique ability to grow an unusually diverse range of winegrapes. Though Lodi is sometimes perceived as a hot-climate region, in reality, average temperatures are comparable to or even lower than other well-known regions like Healdsburg (Sonoma), St. Helena (Napa Valley), and Paso Robles. slope aspects and elevations rise from 450-600 feet. Two major rivers originating in the Sierra Nevada–the Mokelumne and Cosumnes—have brought soils rich in granitic-based minerals that complement the fine sandy loam soils surrounding the community of Lodi. these ideal winegrowing soils range from heavier clay-based soils in the south to well-drained stony soils in the north. A few of the more dominant soils in the region include Tokay Fine Sandy Loam, Tuscan Stony Loam, San Joaquin Loam, and Archerdale Clay Loam. 

    • Arroyo Seco appellation, which literally means “dry riverbed,” begins in a steep, narrow gorge at the foot of the Santa Lucia mountain range in Monterey County. Moving east, the topography widens and eventually opens up to the warm, fertile soil of the Salinas Valley. Deep in the canyon, vineyards are shielded from characteristic afternoon winds and thus experience warmer temperatures. As the canyon opens to the valley floor, the afternoon Pacific Ocean breeze cools the grapes, tempering their growth and intensifying the fruit flavors.  Santa Cruz Mountains is, as its name suggests, a mountainous AVA that sits between Monterey Bay and San Francisco. The rugged terroir in the mountains can be extremely trying for vignerons, but those who persevere are rewarded with some of California's most celebrated wines.   Distinct aromas and flavor profiles derived from mineral-rich soils, elevated mountainside vineyards, and the cooling marine effect from nearby bays and open ocean – this is the Santa Cruz Mountains AVA. 

    • Anderson Valley:  warm summers with a gentle marine influence. Narrow and low-lying, the valley funnels ocean fog and breezes in from the Pacific coast and rainfall here is plentiful, making it a cool, wet viticultural area. There is a large diurnal shift in temperatures in the deep end of the Anderson Valley, with up to 40-50°F differences from night to day.

  • Vinification:  Each variety spent 1-5 days on skins separately. All native fermentations

  • Aging: stainless. ONLY 20ppm So2

  • Tasting Note:  unique aromatics of pineapple, quince, orange blossom, bran cereal, and baby aspirin.  Fleshy peach and clementine peel on the palate.


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