The Withers 2018 Rosé, El Dorado Co., California, USA [MAGNUM 1.5 L]

The Withers 2018 Rosé, El Dorado Co., California, USA [MAGNUM 1.5 L]

The Withers

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The Withers 2018 Rosé, El Dorado en MAGNUM

Winemaker / Chef du Cave: David Low

Farming: Organic

Varieties: Mourvedre, Grenache, Cinsault.

Mourvèdre and Grenache fruit harvested from El Dorado County sites  including The Withers’ Estate vineyard and David Girard Vineyard. Soils  consist of sandy, decomposed granite and brown loam soils atop  decomposed slate. Elevations for both vineyards range from 1,800 – 2,200  feet.

The Withers is a new project focusing on high elevation, cool climate  sites that yield exceptional, nuanced and balanced red and rose wines  drawing from Rhone varietals grown in the Sierra Foothills and Mendocino  County, as well as Pinot Noir grown in the Anderson and Green Valleys  and the Sonoma Coast. The Withers was founded by Andrew Tow, a longtime  collector and advocate of food friendly, understated, lower alcohol yet  deeply flavorful wines, and features as its winemaker David Low,  co-founder and winemaker at highly acclaimed Anthill Farms Winery. The  name The Withers is an equestrian term honoring Mr. Tow’s wife’s passion  for horses, which is defined as the place from which a horse’s height  is measured. “We aspire for height in quality, something to reach for,  something soulful, and we named our label accordingly,” says Mr. Tow.  “One of our horses, a beautiful Irish Connemara pony named Mr. Burgess  is featured on all of our labels”.

Mr. Tow has formed many relationships in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys  over 35 years, including striking up a friendship some years ago with  Mr. Low. “David and I found that we both looked for the same things in  various corners of our lives, including wine styles, people, music, and  the outdoors”, said Mr. Tow, “and this lead to a trade of a fly fishing  trip to Montana in return for an experiment with a few barrels of Pinot  Noir and ultimately Rhone varietals”. Those barrels came out so well  that what had begun, as a personal project became a commercial one a few  years ago. Mr. Tow then developed the program to include single  vineyard Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Coastal region, a Syrah dominant  blend featuring Grenache and Mourvedre called Mr. Burgess, a Grenache  dominant blend featuring Syrah and Mourvedre called Bel Canto, and a  Grenache/Mourvedre dry Rose beginning with the 2013 vintage. Limited oak  is used in the program, which also employs significant whole cluster  fermentations and minimal intervention. “We want to tell true stories  about each site. Let the grapes speak for themselves!” says Mr. Tow

The wines include single vineyard and blended expressions of well  respected sites, all farmed responsibly and with minimal ecological  impact. The Withers draws from Mr. Low’s excellent relationships with  growers in high demand and at the top of their fields, literally and  figuratively, and Mr. Tow’s relationships on the business side.

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