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Vana Tisanes "Immune" Loose Leaf Tea (Cambria, CA)

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Vana Tisanes "Immune" Loose Leaf Tea (Cambria, CA)

One ounce of loose leaf organic tea from Cambria, CA.  Hand blended in small batches. 10 servings per ounce. 

Times are weird right now. It is imperative that we take a minute to care for ourselves, as so many of us right now are taking a lot of mental (and physical) energy caring for others.  We wanted to think about what kind of peace-of-mind some may need during this pandemic, and here at DECANT, we think the type of peace we look for is simply a calming way to finish the day.  

Down in the seaside village of Cambria, California, Miho Watanabe and Mike Coulson wanted to start a company that focused on the well-being and the sacred energy of nature. Using all organic ingredients, they blend herbs, roots, leaves and berries to create calming mixes with the goal to fire up your body’s natural defenses or power.

This Immune tea is a mix of aromatic and earthy herbs and roots, including Elderberry, Echinacea, Ginger, and Reishi Mushroom. Drink nightly as soon as you start feeling a scratch in your throat, your nose is running, or you are just trying to stay as healthy as you can right now. While the science behind roots enhancing infection-fighting immune cells and increasing the production of immune compounds isn’t clear, we do know humans have benefited from teas like this since the age of ancients, and if nothing else, you are being mindful about your health during a perilous time. 

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