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Weszeli 2019 'Loiserberg' Riesling 1 ÖTW, Kamptal, Austria

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Weszeli 2019 'Loiserberg' Riesling 1 ÖTW, Kamptal, Austria

Winemaker: Davis Weszeli

Farming: Biodynamic

Variety: Riesling

Terroir: Pure gneiss soil (almost no topsoil), 380-meter elevation, south/southeast facing, completely exposed and cold—the last to be picked every year. 

Vinification: Wine is fermented at warmer temperatures, making for a more savory, subtly nuanced wine

Aging: Aged in stainless steel to preserve its freshness.

Tasting Notes: An incredibly complex wine that captures the best of Austrian riesling! Smoky, floral, fruity and nuanced, this dry riesling hits with intense aromas of dried mango, asafetida, scallions, and wet slate. The palate becomes more fruity and weighted--notes of peaches and clotted cream come to the forefront, balancing the intense herbal notes found on the nose. This is a truly delicious wine. 

About the Classification: ÖTW ERSTE LAGE 1ÖTW (Premier Cru). These are vineyards whose wines have manifested themselves (and continue thus) as the most vigorous in character and the most distinctive representatives of their appellations. The natural conditions of each site consistently enables the vinification of exceptional wines every year. 

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