Schloss Gobelsburg 2014 "Heiligenstein'" Erste Lage 1er Cru Riesling Reserve, Kamptal, Austria (375ml - Half Bottle)

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Schloss Gobelsburg 2014 'Ried Heiligenstein' 1er Cru Riesling Reserve, Kamptal, Austria (375ml)

One of the oldest wineries in Austria the Castle Gobelsburg has had vineyards maintained around its walls for over 850 years. The Zwettl Monastery was founded in 1074 and in 1171 the Monks of Zwettl were granted their first vineyards: Heiligenstein & Gaisberg–the oldest documented sites in the Kamptal. The estate and Castle Gobelsburg was controlled by as many as 19 different families between 1074 and 1740, and in 1786 absorbed the famous Kammern Winery and vineyards. Two hundred years later Eva and Michael Moosbrugger were granted the winemaking and viticultural contract in 1996, and with the help and guidance of Michael’s mentor Willi Bründlmayer, the winery has regained its prestige and considered to be a leader in quality and innovation. Since its inception, monks have always maintained organic farming practices, a tradition carried on today by the Moosbrugger family.

Winemaker: Eva and Michael Moosbrugger

Farming: Sustainable & Organic

Varieties: Riesling

Terroir: Ried (single vineyard, cru) Heiligenstein, one of Europe's oldest vineyards, is interspersed with Riesling terraces and is a landmark of Langenlois. The "Zöbinger Perm” is a unique geological structure based on sandstone, silt and arkose and organic sediments. Some parts of the Riesling terraces contain the oldest vineyards of the estate. 

Vinification: Wines are matured in Austrian (Manhartsberg) Oak Cask (25hl) until bottling.