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Conservas de Cambados 'Cockles in Brine', Spain

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Conservas de Cambados 'Cockles in Brine', Spain

Located in Spain's northeastern region of Galicia, Conservas de Cambados focuses on preserving the freshest of seafoods found in the Galician estuaries (rías gallegas). With over 900 miles of coastline packed into this one small region of Spain, Conservas de Cambados capitalizes on existing relationships with local fisherman to acquire each day's best catches from the local markets, and processes and cans each specimen of Galician goodness by hand. 

These cockles are purified in boiling saltwater, and once cleaned of sand and grit, are placed by hand in the can to be perfectly presented. True cockles only exist in sandy, sheltered sea waters, and live burrowed just beneath the sand, making them quite difficult to find. They have a delicate sweet flavor, and can be eaten as is, or added to any dish that might call for clams or similar shellfish. 

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