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La Casaccia 2021 Poggeto Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese, Piemonte, Italy

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Winemaker: Giovanni & Elena Rava

Variety: Grignolino

Farming: Organic

Terroir: Planted between 2003 and 2010 on the top the sandy chalk foothills of the Torino-Basso Monferrato Hills.

Vinification: Three days of maceration before being let off the skins. The reds are racked four to five times during cellar aging to remove sediments and reduce reduction. Aging in a mix stainless steel, fiberglass and oak are used for aging. Sulfite levels for reds range between 40-60ppm, with the first micro addition made at fermentation and the greater dose at bottling.

From our 2022 Explorer Club Notes:

La Casaccia | Poggeto  Grignolino  | Piemonte, Italy | 2021

    Located in Monferrato Casalese, about 50 miles east of Turin, Giovanni and Elena Rava, and their children, Margherita and Marcello, have been running the picturesque La Casaccia winery since 2001. The winery itself dates back nearly 100 years, to when Elena's great-grandfather chiseled out the limestone caves beneath La Casaccia with his own hands. It is so strikingly beautiful that it was recently named a UNESCO world heritage site! Don't worry, you can visit it quite easily on your next trip to northern Italy-- the Ravas run a bed & breakfast alongside their organic winery in this serene hilltop town of Cella Monte.

     Grignolino is somewhat of a rare find outside the Alessandria province, where it thrives on the chalky slopes of Cella Monte. The local grape has a long history here, first appearing in church documents dating back to 1249! Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese DOC is an appellation found within Piedmont and is specific to wines made from at least 90% Grignolino (the other 10% can include Freisa, another local red variety). The 'Pogetto' Grignolino is a bright, pale red wine with fruity and floral aromatics that finishes with a hint of herbal tannin, a highly typical wine of the region.     While this wine is soft and quaffable, the Grignolino grape is known to be tannic because of its high seed-to-juice ratio. This is often why it's often made with only short macerations, creating that pale color and bright profile, while still carrying a surprising amount of structure, earthiness, and savory dried herbs. I love this wine. It brings to the table everything I want to pair alongside anything from a spicy seafood pasta to a cheesy, creamy mushroom lasagna. It's not necessary, but a little chill on the bottle turns it into a great daytime sipper as well! — Simi Grewal

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